We are pleased to offer two programs this summer to teens.

1. Advanced entrepreneurship: Come with your product or you can create it during class. We will take a deep dive into who your market is, the size, the competition, pricing and look at various options for selling.

We will work with you to open an ecommerce store on the BizzyStreet platform and shoot promos that can go on Instagram or tick toc to drive viewers to your site. Social media marketing will be taught.

We will do several zoom calls with teen entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses as well as women that run angel investment funds to discuss your products and learn what investors look for. See schedules below.

       Expert Dojo, Santa Monica
    Entrepreneurs meeting our students

"Bizzy Girls has been our most sold out camp summer after summer! The girls are empowered by learning leadership skills, goal setting, and most importantly knowing that they can start a business and do it all by themselves!"

Laura Briceño, Community Services Director -
City of Beverly Hills


Santa Monica Classes - Santa Monica Place

Advanced Entrepreneurship  Ages 12- 15
July 25th - 29th   10:00 - 2:30  $395 before April 1.   $425  April 1 - July 25th 
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Impact Activism  ages 13 -15
June 27 - July 1    10:00 - 2:30  $395 before April 1,  $425 April 1 - June 27
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​     BIZZYSTREET                        [email protected]                           (844) 310 - 0190

Expert Dojo, the brain child of Brian Mac Mahon has helped launch over 800 start ups. Their investor community, growth hacks, programs and events had made this the premier Los Angeles accelerator. They had provided invaluable support to Bizzy Girls as advisory board members and are willing to support our emerging entrepreneurs.

Hera Hub is a female focused coworking space and accelerator. With locations in Multiple cities, Julia Westfall has grown the Washington DC location into a supportive community for new and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Our students can practice pitching to some of the HeraHub investors.

                 HeraHub Washington, DC
A community for empowered teen girls
What's happening on BIZZYSTREET?
Two classes for the summer of 2022!
1. Advanced entrepreneurship
2. Impact Activism
                                                                                        IMPACT ACTIVISM
Is there a problem that you would like to tackle? Education, animals rights, homelessness, the environment, gender education, bullying..and the many other issues we live with. Our program works with you to take action. We will help you dive into the problem, look at what current actions are bringing about change. We will help you come up with an action plan and execute it. This includes the use the social media, making spots for Tik Tok or Instagram to bring viral awareness. We will help you to build a website that serves your plan, whether it is to educate people, ask them to sign petitions or write to their government representatives.
Every person has a voice and can start somewhere to let that voice be heard. You can be a change maker and we are excited to work with you!

We will zoom with teens who have taken action to bring about measurable change. They will tell us their stories, their strategies. We will also speak via zoom with the offices of government representatives that will advise the most effective ways to make change happen.  See schedules below.

​ Sherman Oaks 
Advanced Entrepreneurship  Ages 13 -15
June 20 - June 24  10:00 - 2:30  $395 before April 1, $425 April 1 - June 20
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Impact Activism  ages 13 -15
July 11 - July 15    10:00 - 2:30 $395 before April 1, $425 April 1 - June 20
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           BIZZYSTREET will have in person or zoom meetings with our accelerator partners