Note: Our programs have traditionally been for girls. Some of the cities we work with are preferring to not offer gender specific programs. In those cities we offer Bizzy Kids, a coed program.

At Bizzy Girls, each girl creates her own product line and starts her own company. Partners are allowed. Girls create fashion, accessories, stationary, soaps, oils, home decor and more. Girls choose their products prior to attending the program.

Bizzy Girls teaches biz skills, branding, advertising, logo creation, marketing, cost and profit. At the end of the program, students host a pop up store learning how to engage with customers. They keep their earnings as an added bonus. 

Girls also have the option of opening an online store in our BIZZYSTREET marketplace. Stores can be private for friends and family, or public.

Bizzy Girls teaches girls to have a growth mindset, to solve problems, make decisions, set goals and gain self confidence through role playing.

  What Girls Are Saying
What Parents Are Saying

"Bizzy Girls has been our most sold out camp summer after summer! The girls are empowered by learning leadership skills, goal setting, and most importantly knowing that they can start a business and do it all by themselves!"

Laura Briceño, Community Services Director -
City of Beverly Hills, CA

                    Schedules: BIZZYGIRLS Spring/ Summer 2024
The majority of our camps are offered through cities we contract with. Starting January 2024 we begin listing cities and dates, with a link to the city for registration. Camps are offered in California, New York and Connecticut and Washington DC metro are.




                 2023 Spring and Summer Programs    
                    Westchester, NY and California

We will be offering online zoom afterschool programs, Winter 2024. 12 students to a teacher, one hour a week for ten weeks. East and west coast time slots.

Bizzy Girls and Bizzy Kids Entrepreneur Programs
​                                                                                            Summer Camps
If you are interested in a private Bizzy Boys or Bizzy Girls camp at your home, please contact us 844 310 0190 or write us at [email protected]. Host discounts.
Private Bizzy Girls or Bizzy Boys Camps
Summer Camps

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 844 310 0190 or write us at [email protected]/



Chappaqua / New Castle
July 24 - 28
9:30am -2:30pm
Registration is through the city Dept of Parks and Recreation.

Pound Ridge
August 28 - Sept 1
A  Pop Up Store will take place on Mon, Sept 3, during town festivities.
Camp is given through the City of Pound Ridge .
Registration and information
Mon - Fri,  9:30 - 2:30
 Join our mailing list for schedules:
Private Camps at your home
​If you are interested in a private Bizzy Boys or Bizzy Girls camp at your home, please contact us at 844 310 0190 or write us at [email protected]. Host discounts


                                                                             Fall Classes

Fall classes are currently in sessions.

Winter After School programs
        & vacation camps 2024
​Winter programs and vacation camps will take place in Westchester, NY in the following cities::Chappaqua, Yorktown, Mamaroneck, Rye, ,Harrison., Briar Cliff Manor, Pound Ridge, Pelham, Mount Pleasant\
Connecticut : Greenwich. We will list them as we receive them, but most are not open for registration
Contact Info: 844 310 0190       \\  staff@bizzygirls,com
POUND RIDGE: Winter Vacation 2/19 - 2/23      9:30  to 2:30     $385    \,
Pelham: Vacation Camps 2/19 - 2/23   and March 25- 29
MT Pleasant  Vacation Camp 3/25 - 3?29