Programs 2021- 2022

Parents: Girls pick their products prior to starting camp. We will send you a link to our Pinterest with over 100 easy and inexpensive ideas. Girls can use their own ideas as well. Students will need their supplies before the start of camp.                                                                

  •  Create your own unique products
  •  Learn biz and speaking skills through fun exercises and role playing games
  • Create an online store in our marketplace (optional for 9-12 year olds)
  •  Make a marketing plan for your products 
  •  Sell in our pop up store 

Contact Info
[email protected]
1 844 310 0190

            Fun filled classes that are informative, creative and teach life skills.
Social Emotional Learning (SEL) based curriculum to develop self-confidence,                                                     resilience and collaborative skills.
[email protected]     
 (844) 310 - 0190

Virtual and In Person Programs
Winter Programs - In Person

All in person camps follow state guidelines. 12 students maximum, distancing, masks as required.

Winter holiday and after school programs will be announced shortly
from Beverly Hills, CA to Rye, New York. Please join us!

Please call us if you have any questions. 844 - 310 - 0190
Bizzy Girls -Start Your Own Biz

Calling all tween entrepreneurs! At Bizzy Girls each girl creates their own product, logo and signage. They learn biz skills, marketing, cost/profit , and sales. The program is project based, hands on, creative and fun. Students hold a pop up store at the end of camp, learning to engage with customers, sell their products, and keep their earnings.

Girls can even learn how to open and run their own ecommerce store in our unique online marketplace for young entrepreneurs.

Our curriculum is SEL based program (social emotional learning) to help girls develop skills in leadership, collaboration, goal setting, and decision making. They build self confidence through our fun role playing activities.

Upon registration students will be sent a link to over 100 project ideas and supplies. Students come to the class with the basic supplies for their project which should be under $25.
 Winter Programs - Virtual
Ages 9 -12

After School virtual class will be open for registration Nov 15th.

Each class is limited to 12 girls.

Please call us if you have any questions. 844 310 467 7300