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Bizzy Girls holds camps in South Africa

Kate and The Bizzy Girls
3 book box set
will be offered in the fall.

Create and sell your product! Create a name, logo and signage. Learn sales, marketing, cost, profit and pricing. End of program pop up store allows students to sell their products and practice the sales skills they learned.

Start A Biz!
Our SEL based curriculum teaches students to have a growth mindset which reshapes the way they look at challenges and 'failure". Our program helps girls with goal setting, decision making and problem solving. Our role playing exercises help girls develop self-confidence. Kindness and empathy are highly reinforced.
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For Middle School Girls
Entrepreneur training:
Learn to start and run your own business.

 Learn cost, profit, how to sell using 'on demand', with no capital needed, how to sell on Instagram, open your own store on Bizzy Street.
Entrepreneurship                             Empowerment                       SEL (Social Emotional Learning)
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Online Classes starting in the Fall.

Bizzy Girls Books
ages 6-8    More Info
Bizzy Street - our new  ecommerce platform for 
                       young entrepreneurs
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Ages _Junior 6 - 12     Teens 13 -15   16 -18
Social Emotional Learning
Junior Bizzy Girls
Two age groups  6-8 and  9-12
Ages 13 -14
     Run your own ecommerce biz