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The entertaining, and comical adventures of Kate, an aspiring tween fashion designer in New York City, her two little dogs and her entrepreneurial friends. Kate's mom is head of the Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, giving Kate access to centuries of clothes and the world of high fashion. Kate will go to any extreme to show her designs at the museum or at fashion events. This usually gets Kate into trouble but her good intentions and over excitement are ultimately understood and Kate's usually lands on her feet. Kate's adventures inspire readers and introduces them to historical females through fashion.
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Girls 7 -12
Bizzy Girls holds camps in          South Africa
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Our Programs:Two Levels
Social Emotional Learning
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We have two levels so returning students 
continue to learn new skills.

Level one and two are in the same classroom but have separate biz lessons.

Creativity: Students create their own products and have time to explore their creativity.

Biz Lessons are adjusted to the age of the student. They include branding, company name and logos, signage, marketing
cost, profit, selling and more.

Students hold a pop up store for friends and family and keep their earnings.

Advanced students can open their own e-commerce store in our marketplace, www.bizzystreet.com.

Students have fun and love our programs!
​Entrepreneurship is a great way to teach students important life skills. We integrate these skills into our lessons:

We help students develop a growth mind set by showing them how to look at ideas that don't work as an important learning lessons to help us grow.

We practice goal setting which helps develop sequential thinking and time management.

Decision making which develops self confidence.

Inclusion: students give each other feedback and run little focus groups.

Kindness is highly valued and validated throughout the program.

Our role playing activities help students gain self- confidence.

Bizzy Girls Entrepreneur Program

Kate and The Bizzy Girls
3 book box set
will be offered in the fall.