Kate and The Bizzy Girls

An Exciting New Book Series for Young Girls
                        Kate and The Bizzy Girls
about an aspiring tween fashion designer and her entrepreneurial friends
 The Bizzy Girls Book Series takes place in iconic New York City and weaves the colorful tales of Kate, an aspiring tween fashion designer and her entrepreneurial friends.

Kate's mom is a fashion icon and head of the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This gives Kate access to  museum exhibits, centuries of costumes, and the world of high fashion.

Kate's earns for her fashionable creations to be in the spotlight and schemes with her two little dogs how to be noticed.

Kate's slightly older sister and her friends, The Bizzy Girls, all have little businesses and cheer Kate on, in her journey.

Kate and The Bizzy Girls
- Encourages girls to explore their entrepreneurial spirit. 
- Provides role models of young girl entrepreneurs.
- Demonstrates kindness and support between the characters
- Introduces girls to inspirational women and historical periods, through fun fashion adventures.

Head of The Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Famous Fashion Icon.

Meet The Bizzy Girls
Petrina: Has her own Pet Spa and Dog sitting business.
Sabrina is Kate's slightly older sister and a cupcake chefette.
Samantha loves science, turning her bathroom into a chemistry lab and making her own perfume line.
Bells is Kate's best friend and neighbor. She loves tech and is a whiz on her camera, computer and anything else that has a screen.
Kate's mom helps her get a dream vacation job to assist the designers decorating the windows at Bergs, NY's most famous department store, 

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JR Bizzy Girls - ages 6-8
Veranda,  Kate's mom
Marie and Antionette
Kate's Dogs
Kate thinks this is her chance to shine. But when Kate arrives at Bergs, she finds the dresses "boooring". Using her creative flair, Kate gives the clothes her own touch... until the owner of Bergs walks in and sees what Kate is doing. Now Kate is in big trouble.. what will happen to Kate's dreams of being a fashion designer?
.When Kate learns that a mummy her mother discovered in Egypt is coming to New York, she can't wait to join in the celebration. A big unveiling is planned at the museum where Kate's mom works. Lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the mummy, Kate is deeply disappointed by its old grey covering.
 Kate is worried that people coming to to view the mummy at the museum will also be disappointed. Kate thinks she can save the day by designing a new wardrobe for the mummies and surprising everyone at the unveiling. Watch as Kate sends the fashion world spinning.
An exhibit is opening at the museum about Queen Marie Antoinette. The Queen’s dresses are Kate’s favorite and Kate has designed a fashion collection inspired by her .When Kate meets an expert on Marie Antoinette she decides that she would like to be an expert too.

 After exaggerating her knowledge of the famous Queen to friends, she finds herself in a predicament where she must conduct a tour of the exhibit for them. Can Kate become an instant expert and what will everyone think of her new fashion collection if she not an expert?
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