All of BIZZYGIRLS programs are based on Social Emotional Learning. 

They are designed to give girls experiences that are fun while building self confidence, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and creativity.
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Each girl creates her own product line and starts her own company. Partners are allowed. Girls create fashion, accessories, stationary, soaps, oils, home decor and more. Girls choose their products prior to attending the program.

Bizzy Girls teaches biz skills, branding, advertising, logo creation, marketing, cost and profit. At the end of the program, students host a pop up store learning how to engage with customers. They keep their earnings as an added bonus. 

Girls also have the option of opening an online store in our BIZZY STREET marketplace. Stores can be private for friends and family, or public.

Bizzy Girls teaches girls to have a growth mindset, to solve problems, make decisions, set goals and gain self confidence through role playing. See schedules below.

  What Girls Are Saying
What Parents Are Saying

"Bizzy Girls has been our most sold out camp summer after summer! The girls are empowered by learning leadership skills, goal setting, and most importantly knowing that they can start a business and do it all by themselves!"

Laura Briceño, Community Services Director -
City of Beverly Hills

                    Schedules: BIZZYGIRLS Spring/ Summer 2023
Some of our camps are contracted with cities and some are privately run by us. Curriculum is the same.                  Privately run camps have speakers. Privately run camps are open to the public but have limited enrollment.

                                                        Beverly Hills  - 10 camps

Bizzy Girls Entrepreneur Camp

Camp Dates: June 6 -10,  June 13 - 17,  June 20 - 24, July 11 -15, July 18 - 22     Hours: 9:30 - 2:30 
Ages: Two camps each week, age groups 6-8, 9 -12

Host: City of Beverly Hills

Registration and information:

 For questions please call (310) 288-2200. To reach Bizzy Girls, please call (844) 310 0190

                                                     Santa Monica Place   

 Bizzy Boys Camp                                                                               COED but separate sections
 & Bizzy Girls Camp

Camp Date  July 25 - July 29  9:30 - 2:30                                                             Registration  and Info                                                                                                                                                                     
​Ages: 8 -12                                                                                                               Before April 20     $395

                                                                                                                                   April 21 - July 21   $425                           Held at Santa Monica Place Mall Community Room

                                                              Sherman Oaks

BIZZY GIRLS Entrepreneur Camp                                                                        Registration and Info

Camp Date June 20 -  June 24       9:30 - 2:30                                                                             

Ages 8 -12                                                                                                               Before April 20  $395
Held at Sherman Oaks United Methodist Church
​                                                                                                                                              April 20 - Camp Start $425


                                                                 IRVINE, CA
Bizzy Girls Entrepreneur Camp

Ages 8-12     Dates: July 5 - July 8

We are happy to offer this class in partnership with Hera Hub, a beautiful space for women founders! 

Girls will be able to meet female entrepreneurs and hear inspiring stories as they build their business. They can practice their pitches as well, if desired. This is very valuable for building self confidence.

 Camp Hours 9:30 to 3:00 (Tuesday through Friday)

 $425          register here

                                         Santa Barbara - 7 camps

Bizzy Girls Entrepreneur Camp  

Camp Dates: June 13 - June 17, July 18 - July 22, August 8 - August 12

Ages: 2 camps each week, age groups 6 - 8 and 9 -12    9:30 - 2:30

Host: City of Santa Barbara

Tic Toc Skills - Learn filming, editing, content planning and building an audience

Camp Dates: August 1 - Aug 5

Ages 9 - 12  10:00 - 2:30

Host : City of Rye,  Registration opens March 8th at 10 pm for residents. Non residents is March 15th

April 19 - June 7    3:30 - 5:00 (Tuesday Afterschool)  $275 residents / $300 non residents

April 23 - June 4  1:00 - 3:30 (Saturday Afternoons)    $295 residents / $320 non residents

For registration please contact the Rye City of Parks and Recreation

                                                                      Dobbs Ferry - Spring

Bizzy Girls Afterschool Program - Spring Camp

Camp Dates: Fridays March 25 - May 13th


   Bizzy Girls Entrepreneur Camp

    Host: City of Rye 

    August 8 - 12   9:30 - 2:30   

   August 15 - 19  9:30 - 2:30   

   Host: Rye Recreation   914 967 2535       Registration opens the week of 5/23


   In Person  Programs  2023  2024                               

Please check for updates, or call us at 844 310 0190

  Contact Info: [email protected]       (844) 310-0190
Bizzy Girls Entrepreneur Program
         RYE  - Spring  

New York -  Spring
                           (see Summer Camps below)

                                         Private Camps

                     Available at your home, for groups of friends.

                       Host receives discounted tuition.

                   Please contact us for more information.

 $25 referral reimbursement at start of camp.
 Please email us referral name and camp date.
$25 referral reimbursement at start of camp
Please email us referral name and camp date.
        Scarsdale - Spring
Greenville Elementary     April 25 - June 6
3:15 - 4:15 

Please contact the school PTA for registration

Jr Program is ages 6-7    Regular Program is 8 -12 

​For Bizzy Boys Camp visit
or see below.
If the camp is run by the city's Department of Recreation, registration must be done through the city and a link is provided below.
            CALIFORNIA - Summer
Bizzy Boys Entrepreneur Camp

​Camp Date June 20 - 24    9:30 - 2:30

Ages 8 -12
Held at Sherman Oaks United Methodist Church

Registration and Info

Before April 20 $395

April 20 - Camp Start $425
 for registration, visit      805.564.5495
BIZZY KIDS - COED afterschool
New Castle - Chappaqua  Spring

Afterschool Dates: April 22nd - June 10Th 

8 sessions. No program on on 5/27

Ages 8 -12
Dept of Recreation:
Bizzy Girls Entrepreneur Camp
 BIZZY GIRLS Entrepreneur Camp

 Ages 7 -12 (2 age groups 7/8 - 9-12)

 Dates: July 11, 12, 14,15 (no camp on Wednesday)

 Hours: 9:30 - 3:00 pm

 Location: Thelma Zimmer/William Van Dorn Youth Community Center

For more information and registration please Call Ardsley Dept of Parks and Recreation.

Washington DC
BIZZY GIRLS Entrepreneur Camp

Ages 8 -12

Location: Hera Hub DC
We are happy to offer this class in partnership with Hera Hub, a beautiful space for women founders!

 August 1 - August 5th.

Girls will be able to meet female entrepreneurs and hear inspiring stories as they build their business. 

Camp Hours 9:30 -2:30

$425 for the week      Registration Here

Fall programs are currently in session. Winter programs and holiday camps will be offered through-out Westchester, NY. Programs will start to be listed by Dec 15, 2023
New Castle Dates will be announced week of May 23rd
or call city at 914 238 7291