All of BIZZYGIRLS programs are based on Social Emotional Learning. 

They are designed to give girls experiences that are fun while building self confidence, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and creativity.

Ages 6 -13

  What Girls Are Saying
What Parents Are Saying

"Bizzy Girls has been our most sold out camp summer after summer! The girls are empowered by learning leadership skills, goal setting, and most importantly knowing that they can start a business and do it all by themselves!"

Laura Briceño, Community Services Director -
City of Beverly Hills

                                                                      Partner with us!

Bizzy Girls has began a national and international expansion. We have found our programs to be in demand whenever we begin to open up a new area. There is a lack of enrichment programs for tweens and our programs are welcomed by local cities,.

We are allowing qualified individuals to license our curriculum and set up programs in their own area. We will train you and provide everything you need to start right away.

The majority of our programs are offered through local Departments of Recreation. We inform them of our program offering and they almost always are excited to offer the class. They are offered as afterschool, week end and summer camps. The cities advertise our program in their class offerings, the registration is through them, they provide the space and we simply come in and teach the class. It's turn key. You can also book with private schools, churches and temples, offering summer programs.

Income: Example

Tuitions for a Dept of Recreation camp is average $375 per student for a week long summer camp. Camp class enrollment, approx 20 girls per class, bringing gross revenue per class to $7,500 per class. The Department of Recreation takes 20% for the advertising, enrollment admin and the space. This would equal $1500. Gross Profit is $6000. You must deduct teacher salary, which may be your self or someone you hire.
A class of twenty usually has a main teacher and two paid interns or teens to help. This may come to $1000 if you are not teaching.
Net profit would be $5000 per class. 

​ Cost

The annual licensing fee is $2500 for a designated area (based on population), including training, materials, curriculum, workbooks.
This can be financed with monthly payments of $140.00 and a balance payment on the 12th month. It is renewed annually.

If you would like to be part of our girl empowerment community and run your own business, we would be happy to discuss further. Please email us at [email protected] with some time availabilities and we can set up a call. You may also call us at 844 310 0190.


New York and Washington DC metro area  and Orange County, CA  locations  will be announced by March 15th. 

Please check for updates, or call us at 844 310 0190

                         Contact Info:     (844) 310-0190

 Registration and Information:   (805) 564 - 5495

New York
Chappaqua / New Castle
Vacation Camp - Bizzy Girls Entrepreneur Camp       February 22, 23,24     9:00 - 1:00
Host : City of New Castle, Dept of Recreation   10 Senter Street, Chappaqua 
 994 238 6391

                                         Private Camps

                     Available at your home, for groups of friends.

                       Host receives discounted tuition.

                   Please contact us for more information.

Are You Passionate About Empowering Girls?
            Do you want to run your own part time business with substantial returns?                          You can bring the Bizzy Girls Entrepreneur program to your area and earn income.

What Girls Are Saying
What Parents Are Saying

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